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Dr Andy Lynch

Dr Andy Lynch

Senior Research Associate

Bye-fellow/College lecturer in Mathematics at Downing College

Room 347
Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
Li Ka Shing Centre
Robinson Way
Cambridge CB2 0RE


Dr Lynch read mathematics at the University of Cambridge and took Part III (now MMath) focussing on topics in statistics and operations research. He conducted his PhD research in statistics at the University of Sheffield, and moved to the Centre for Process Analytics and Control Technology at Newcastle University.

He took a position as a consulting statistician in the Department of Public Health and Primary Care in Cambridge, where he became interested in problems of computational biology in cancer research, and later moved to the Computational Biology and Statistics group in the Department of Oncology.



In 2014/2015 I will be supervising for Downing College. I have previously supervised the Part Ib courses Markov Chains, Statistics, and Optimization as well as Part II Algorithms and Networks in Cambridge and a large number of probability and statistics courses in Sheffield


  • Within Cambridge I have lectured on the following programmes: MPhil in Computational Biology (for 2 years), MPhil in Epidemiology (9 years) MPhil (formerly MSt) in Public Health (9 years) Natural Sciences Part II Anatomy B (3 years), East Anglian Regional MRC Psych (2 years), and the MSt in Primary and Community Care (on one occasion)

  • I have taught the following Centre for Applied Medical Statistics one day courses: 'Statistics Using R’, ‘Handling of Time to Event Data’. ‘Statistics by Example’, and ‘SPSS for Anæsthesiology’.

  • I have delivered bespoke lecture courses to: undergraduate medical students at Downing College, the Clinical Biochemistry department, and DakoCytomation (, and have contributed to the School of the Biological Sciences’ “Graduate school of Life Sciences programme”.

Key Publications

Weaver JMJ*, Ross-Innes CS*, Shannon N*, Lynch AG* et al. (2014)
"Ordering of mutations in preinvasive disease stages of esophageal carcinogenesis", Nature Genetics 46, 837–843 

Curtis CN, Shah SP, Chin S-F et al. (2012)
"The genomic and transcriptomic architecture of 2,000 breast tumours reveals novel subgroups", Nature 486, 346–352

Massie CE, Lynch AG, Ramos-Montoya A et al. (2011)
"The androgen receptor fuels prostate cancer by regulating central metabolism and biosynthesis", EMBO Journal 30:2719-2733 

Cairns J, Spyrou C, Stark R, Smith ML, Lynch AG and Tavaré S (2011) 
"BayesPeak - An R package for analysing ChIP-seq data", Bioinformatics 27:713-714 

Smith ML, Dunning MJ, Tavaré S and Lynch AG (2010) 
"Identification and correction of previously unreported spatial phenomena using raw Illumina BeadArray data", BMC Bioinformatics 11:208

Curtis CN*, Lynch AG*, Dunning MJ et al. (2009) 
"The pitfalls of platform comparison: DNA copy number array technologies assessed", BMC Genomics 10:588


* - these authors contributed equally

Other Publications

For software of which I am an author, see here or here.

For code to draw the mitochondrial genome in R using Grid Graphics see here.