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Alex Tunnicliffe

Alex Tunnicliffe

PhD Student

Room 130F
CRUK Cambridge Institute
University of Cambridge
Li Ka Shing Centre
Robinson Way

Cambridge CB2 0RE


After completing my A levels in 2007 I studied the Mathematics and Statistics integrated Master's course at the University of Warwick. My Master's project was a meta-analysis on the efficacy of Natalizumab in Multiple Sclerosis, supervised by Professor Jane Hutton. I finished in 2011, receiving a First and the Ronald A. Fisher Prize that year. Since then, I have been working to complete a PhD at the CRUK Cambridge Institute under Professor Simon Tavaré.

Research Interests

My current research centres around modelling evolution in cultures of cells and methods to infer values for the parameters that govern their behaviour. This means I am currently interested in the following areas:
-Agent based modelling
-Approximate Bayesian Computation
-Monte Carlo methods
-Branching Processes
-Coalescent theory
-Sequence Analysis (including multiple sequence assembly)
-Tumour Evolution


This year I have supervised students from the University of Cambridge Maths department in the following courses:
-IA Probability
-IB Markov Chains