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Dr Maria Secrier

Dr Maria Secrier

Research Associate

Bye Fellow in Mathematical Biology at Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge

Maria Secrier is available for consultancy.

Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge
Li Ka Shing Centre, Robinson Way

Cambridge , Cambridgeshire CB2 0RE

Research Interests

My research focuses on computational methods and data integration strategies for deciphering inter- and intratumour heterogeneity in oesophageal adenocarcinoma. This includes spatiotemporal dissection of catastrophic events in cancer (kataegis, chromothripsis, BFB), patient stratification based on genomic markers, as well as quantification of tumour microenvironment components and their relation to aberrant genomic features in the sequenced samples.


Mathematical Biology, Natural Sciences Tripos, Part IA


  • Genomics
  • Copy Number
  • Machine Learning
  • Intra-tumoral heterogeneity
  • NGS
  • Networks
  • Data integration


  • Oesophageal adenocarcinoma
  • Tumour microenvironment