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Former Members

NamePositionNew PositionLocation
Dr Mike Smith PhD Student (2009-2012), Research Associate (2013-2015) Bioinformatician EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
Dr Shamith Samarajiwa Research Associate (2008-2014) Group Leader MRC Cancer Unit, University of Cambridge, UK
Dr Daniel Andrews PhD student (2010-2015) Bioinformatics Scientist Illumina, UK
Dilyana Mincheva Summer Student (2014) MPhil Student University of Cambridge, UK
Dr Jonathan Cairns PhD student (2009-2013) Postdoc Fraser Lab, Babraham Insitute
Dr Nick Shannon Research Associate Medical Student National University of Singapore
Charlotte Anderson Computer Officer, Oesophageal ICGC project (2012) Bioinformatician Victoria Life Sciences Computation Centre, Melbourne, Australia
Dr Benilton Carvalho Research Associate (2010-2012) Senior Postdoc Fellow State University of Campinas, UNICAMP, Brazil
Dr Ernest Turro Research Associate (2011-2012) Senior Research Associate Ouwehand lab, Department
of Haematology, University of Cambridge UK
Dr Nick Marko AANS Van Wagenen Fellow (2011-2012) Neurosurgeon MD Anderson Cancer Center
Dr Andrea Sottoriva PhD student (2008-2012) Group Leader Institute of Cancer Research, UK
Dr Julie Woolford PhD student, joint with Miska lab (2007-2011)

Dr Audrey Fu

Research Associate (2008-2011) Postdoc Stephens lab, University of Chicago - USA
Dr Sergii Ivakhno

PhD Student (2007-2010)

Bioinformatician Illumina - UK
Dr Doug Speed PhD Student, DAMTP (2006-2010) Research Associate Balding lab, UCL
Dr Christina Curtis Research Associate (2007-2010) Assistant Professor Keck School of Medicine of USC - Los Angeles CA
Dr Nuno L Barbosa-Morais Research Associate (2005-2010) Senior Postdoctoral Fellow Blencowe lab - University of Toronto
Dr Leonard Goldstein PhD Student (2005-2009) Postdoc Gentleman Lab, Genetech - San Francisco CA
Dr Christiana Spyrou PhD Student (2005-2009) Senior Scientist NIPD Genetics - Cyprus
Daniel Goodman Predoctoral Fellow (2008-2009) PhD Student Church Lab, Harvard, USA
Sarah Parks Summer Student (2009) PhD student Goldman Lab, EBI
Jeremy Darot PhD Student - EMBL (2008-2009) Justice Analytical Services Scottish Government, Edinburgh
Dr Ian Saunders Visitor (Oct-Dec 2008) CSIRO - Adelaide, Australia
Dr Matt Ritchie Research Associate (2006-2008) Laboratory Head WEHI - Melbourne, Australia
Dr Tom Hardcastle PhD Student, joint with Brenton lab (2005-2008) Research Associate Baulcombe Lab, University of Cambridge - UK
Dr Irene Tiemann-Boege Senior Research Associate (2007-2008) Assistant Professor Institute of Biophysics, Johannes Kepler University - Linz, Austria
Dr Mark Dunning PhD Student (2004-2008) Bioinformatician CRUK CI Bioinformatics Core - Cambridge, UK
Dr Ioanna Manolopoulou PhD Student, DAMTP (2004-2008) Lecturer Department of Statistical Sciences, UCL - London
Dr Natalie Thorne

Senior Research Associate (2004 - 2008)

Senior Postdoctoral Fellow WEHI - Melbourne, Australia
Dr John Marioni PhD Student (2004-2007) Group Leader EBI - Hinxton, UK
Dr Richard Wilkinson PhD Student, DAMTP (2004-2007) Lecturer School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Nottingham
Ana Rita Grosso Visiting PhD Student (2006-2007) Postdoctoral Fellow Fonseca Lab, IMM - Lisbon Portugal
Rosie Bloxsom Summer Student (2007) Analytics Modeller SAS
Michael White Summer Student (2007) Research Associate Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Imperial College - London, UK
Dr Andrew Teschendorff Research Associate (2005-2006) Heller Fellow UCL Cancer Institute - London, UK
Dr Yanzhong Wang Visiting Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Cancer Genomics Programme (2004-2006) Lecturer in Medical Statistics Department of Public Health Sciences, King's College London
Isabelle Camilier Summer Student  (2005) Assistant Professor Mathematics Department, Stanford University - USA